Event Treats

Sweet Treats & Gift Baskets



Gobble... Gobble time !!



We create Chocolate Platters to fit within your budget! 


T-01 Pilgrims Lollipops

$18.00 dozen

T-02  Pilgrims Lollipops - Solid

$12.00 dozen    Milk - Dark - White

T-03  Fall Leaf Favors

$14.00 dozen   Milk - Dark - White

T-04  Fall Leaf Oreo Favors

$16.00 dozen  Silk Fall Leave Attached

T-05  Turkey Feathers

Full Color:  $16.00 dozen

Solid Chocolate:  $13.00 dozen

T-06  Turkeys

$12.00 dozen

Milk - Dark - White

T-07  Swirly Turkeys

$12.00 dozen

Milk - Dark - Peanut Butter Chocolate

T-08   Personalized Oreo Gift Box

Your Name Engraved on Palletwood Wood

Holds 30 Assorted Oreos   $30.00 each

T-09  Swirly Fall Leaves

$12.00 dozen

Milk - Dark - Peanut Butter Chocolate

H-10   Fall Favor Box

$20.00   Set of 6 includes:

Chocolate Oreo and Assorted chocolates

H-11   Sprinkle Pretzel Rod Bags

$8.00 per bag   

Each bag holds 10 pretzels

H-12   Candy Corn Lollipops

Crushed candy corn inside

$15.00 dozen

Silk Fall Leave Attached

H-13   Drizzled Oreos

$14.00 dozen   

Milk - Dark - Peanut Butter - White

H-14   Sour Dough Sprinkle Pretzels

$17.00 dozen   

Individually wrapped

H-15   Football Oreos

$17.00 dozen   

Choose Your Favorite Team Colors

H-16   Carnations 

$12.00 each ceramic plate

H-17  Daisies

$12.00 each ceramic plate

H-18   Carnations & Daisies

$12.00 each ceramic plate




        Pretzels & Oreos

        We Create To Your Budget !!

        • Assorted Chocolate-Dipped Oreos
        • Double Dipped Pretzel Twists
        • Caramel - Chocolates & Truffles

        Caramels & Oreos

        Individually wrapped Oreos decorated in assorted milk chocolate.

        • Assorted Chocolate-Dipped Oreos
        • Caramels
        • Chocolates & Truffles

        Give Thanks Platter

        Over 3 dozen assorted chocolates & Oreos

        • Assorted Chocolate-Dipped Oreos
        • Milk Chocolates
        • Caramels & Truffles

                Cookies & Candy Platter

                Oreos and Cookies dipped and decorated in chocolate.

                • Assorted Cookies
                • Caramels
                • Chocolates and Candy

                  Pumpkin Harvest Bouquet

                  Pumpkin Pale holds chocolate dipped pretzel sticks,

                  Oreos and lollipops with Fall colors

                  We Create To Your Budget !!

                      Scarecrow Lollipop Bouquet

                      A scarecrow inside a wicker basket holds:

                      • One Boy & One Girl Pilgrim lollipop
                      • Full Color Turkey lollipop.
                      • Two solid Turkeys.
                      • Two Fall Swirly Leaves.