Event Treats

Sweet Treats & Gift Baskets



Your favorite Doctor or Nurse deserves to be recognized for their dedication to you as their patient.

You can honor that relationship with a unique and sweet treat from Event-Treats. 


Nurse Lollipop 

Milk, Dark, White

Chocolate Bandage Favors 

Foil Wrapped

Chocolate Medical Coins 

 Foil Wrapped

Dimple Heart Lollipops

Bandage with Heart


Personalized Give-aways 

Dental Molar 

 2.5 x 2 7/8 

Missing Tooth Smile 

Orthodontic Braces 

Ambulance Lollipop 

Rice Crispie Doc & Nurse 

Nurse Set Lollipops 

Awareness Oreos 

Smiley Face Oreos 

New Arrival Baby Feet 

Big Tooth Gift Box

$8.00 Each

Big Aspirin 

 3.25 x 5/8 deep

Pink Ribbon Oreo Set 

Doc Gift Box Set

Personalized Foot 

Nurse Gift Box Set 

Smiley Face Pretzel Rod Set

Baby Gift Box Set

Baby Pretzel Rod Set

'Doc' Chocolate Bar 

 4.5 x 2.5

Lg. 'Doctor' Chocolate Bar

  3.5 x 8

'Nurse' Chocolate Bar

4.5 x 2.5

Choc. Pretzels 'Doctors Bag'

Personalized Chocolate Bouquets

Any Theme - Any Budget

Customized Chocolate Platters

Any Theme - Any Price